METALBA is a young company, founded in 2000, but under twenty years of experience of its founders, born from the concerns, the need to improve and innovate in the metallurgy sector, focused mainly on the hotel sector.

In the relatively few years of its operation, its professionalism has been demonstrated, as evidenced by the multiple and diverse installations carried out with the consequent satisfaction of its customers, as well as its management capacity as it continues to maintain high levels of performance economic after four years of operation, overcoming the always difficult first years, well above the initial objectives.

We manufacture all types of furniture in stainless steel, countertops, tables, hoods, smoke extractions and during these years we have specialized in buffets, but our main specialty is to translate the ideas of our customers.

In the same way that we have a technical department to advise the client when necessary and try to find the best solutions for each situation, as well as to make the necessary measurements and calculations for the needs of each location. Every day we keep improving, we keep innovating, we keep working thanks to the impulse that gives us the confidence deposited by our clients.